2010 Summary of RS4K Activities

Last Updated Saturday, January 15, 2011

RightStart4Kids is a non-profit organization that focuses on initiatives that help children globally start life out right from the womb. Only when children's bodies grow healthy, do we have the opportunity to grow their minds. With the help of our donors' kind hearts.

January 2010

  1. RightStart4Kids.org Board Meeting (15-JAN-2010)

February 2010

  1. Little Ricky's CELEBRITY BARTENDER NIGHT - Benefits RightStart4Kids (11-FEB-2010)
  2. Winnetka-Northfield Rotary Club Meeting (11-FEB-2010)

March 2010

  1. No formal events this month (MAR-2010)

April 2010

  1. Winnetka-Northfield Rotary Club Vietnamese Benefit Dinner (10-APR-2010)

May 2010

  1. Learn-IT 2.0 - Conference on Low Cost, High Impact Instructional Technology (15-MAY-2010)
  2. Fifty Laptops for Children's Hospital: e-Learning For Kids Gala ASTD Fundraising Dinner (18-MAY-2010)
  3. RS4K meeting Doug Porter asking how can help build the world's largest Ronald McDonald's House with RMHC-CNI (27-MAY-2010)

June 2010

  1. Building Literacy in Jamaica with Winnetka Rotary (17-JUN-2010)

July 2010

  1. Jamaican Benefit Dinner - Helping McIntosh Memorial School, Williamsfield Jamaica (25-JUL-2010)

August 2010

  1. Tom Nguyen & Dirk Tussing visit RMH in Sydney & Melbourne Australia Ronald McDonald's House with RMHC-CNI (AUG-2010)

September 2010

  1. No formal events this month (SEP-2010)

October 2010

  1. Winnetka-Northfield Rotary Club Vietnamese Benefit Dinner (08-OCT-2010)
  2. Learning Leaders Cooking Saturday Brunch @ Ronald McDonald House Lincoln Park (16-OCT-2010)
  3. Learning Leaders Cooking Sunday Brunch @ Ronald McDonald House Lincoln Park (16-OCT-2010)
  4. Children's Memorial Hospital picks up donated netbooks at Chicagoland Learning Leaders Conference (25-OCT-2010)
  5. 8 iPads were Donated on by Chicagoland Learning Leaders for RMHC (25-OCT-2010)

November 2010

  1. Tom Nguyen & Dirk Tussing check up visit Feed the Disadvantaged Kids at AnGiang Orphanage (Long Xuyen, Vietnam) (NOV-2010)
  2. Tom Nguyen & Dirk Tussing check up meet with An Giang University on e-learningforkids project at Khai Tri Orphanage (An Giang, Vietnam) (NOV-2010)
  3. Tom Nguyen & Dirk Tussing check up visit with Dr. Suu on Prenatal Vitamin Project (Long Xuyen, Vietnam) (NOV-2010)

December 2010

  1. Recruited Chicagoland Learning Laders' volunteers for iPads for Parents @ RMHC pilot (DEC-2010)

Approved Minutes are Attached (Re: RS4K's Annual Meeting & Board of Directors Annual Meeting ( 4 p.m., 15-JAN-2011 @ Caribou Coffee)]

Meeting Minutes 2010 Annual Board Meeting www.RightStart4Kids.org

President: Tom Nguyen Vice President: Susan Tran Treasurer: Dirk Tussing

Meeting called to order on 15 January 2011 at 2:00 p.m. by Dirk Tussing at Caribou Coffee in Winnetka, IL:

  • Board members in attendance: Tom Nguyen, Susan Tran, Dirk Tussing, Rich Lalley
  • Absent Board members: Arlynn Presser
  • Visitors: Phu Tran

During April 2010 the IRS approved RS4K as a 501c3 tax-exempt charity. When Dirk requested the paperwork from the State of IL so we can have sales taxes exempt, we were told it’s best to wait until operations are more stable. How to look up RS4K on the IRS website of 501c3 charities? Visit http://www.irs.gov/app/pub-78/ and look for RightStart4Kids and select Chicago for city

RS4K 2010 Financial Position(s): Dirk presented draft copies of the 2010 RS4K Financials (one-page detailed income/expenses for the banking accounts). In 2010 RS4Ks received nearly $45,000 of donations, spent about $25,000 on projects and has nearly $20,000 of cash in the bank account. There are two outstanding pledges ($700 total) received in 2010 that funds are expected in 2011 ($300 from WNRCF for An Giang Orphanage Baby Milk and $400 from getAbstract for 50 netbook for CMH project). During 2010, the initial $10,000 interest free loan from Dirk Tussing during Nov 2009 to provide initial working capital was repaid.

Summary of Current RS4K Projects: We reviewed the list of current projects that Dirk created as a page on the RS4K website. The URL is http://www.rightstart4kids.org/faq.asp?id=49. We reviewed the List of RS4K 2011 Activities created as a webpage on the RS4K website.

2011 New Business: During 2011 a project opportunity to help the care and support of Patrick Blessings’ future daughter (website for donations is http://patrickblessingmemorial.com/ ) since Tom & Dirk started exploring how RS4K could help after hearing Patrick died in July 2010 leaving behind a pregnant wife. The RS4K board members agreed that current RS4K mission statement should be expanded to cover these types of projects (the current RS4K mission statement is limited to three narrow focus areas). The RS4K board did vote and all present board members agree that a new, 4th RS4K focus area, Unexpected Hardship Relief Fund for providing financial support directly to families in need. Dirk had talked to Chuck Theusch and he suggested that we reach out to the Helen Bader Institute for Nonprofit Management at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Other potential 2011 projects could be partnering with Winnetka-Northfield Rotary club’s simplified district grant opportunity and the An Giang Disabled Baby Orphanage is training their staff to provide rehab therapy for the kids and RS4K would like to donate the equipment for them. As projects are identified, Dirk will add as Current Projects on www.RightStart4Kids.org.

Dirk suggested that during 2011 we try to recruit one or two new RS4K board members that work for a company that provides matching gifts and explore partnering with a grant writer (e.g., Grant Seekers Inc). All the board members agreed it was okay to move forward with all the items discussed.

Adjourned at: 3:15 p.m.

Minutes submitted for approval by: Dirk Tussing on January 16, 2011

To learn more about the how you can be a RightStart4Kids' Angel, read our online FAQ's.