Prenatal Vitamin Project (Rural SE Asia)

Last Updated Sunday, February 5, 2012

In April 2009, we test small trial where we brought prenatal vitamins for ten pregnant women 9 month supply. We partnered with a rural doctor who also runs a nursing school in Long Xuyen city. The only requirement we had was to give them to high risk patients and log who received the prenatal vitamins. 

April 2012 SE Asia Prenatal Vitamin Project

RightStart4Kids April 2012 SE Asia Prenatal Vitamin Project - Tom & Dirk dropped off another a 4,800 prenatal vitamins at Dr. Suu's clinic in An Giang Vietnam. This photo was taken on April 5, 2012 where Dr. Suu shared the patient log he has been tracking of the pregnant women and how many vitamins each where given. He has distributed nearly all of the 5,000 vitamins Tom dropped off last October. RS4K will need to see if Medical Aid for Vietnam can donate more prenatal vitamins so we can continue the wonderful program.

October 2011 SE Asia Prenatal Vitamin Project

After receiving 300 bottles (240 tablets/bottle) of prenatal vitamins from Catholic Charities, RightStart4Kids distributed approximately 200 Bottles of Prenatal Vitamins @ 3 Clinics in An Giang Vietnam. Here are some Oct 6, 2011 photos while visiting two of the three clinics in An Giang Vietnam.
20111006_VisitingNewClinicAngiangVN_02A 20111006_VisitingNewClinicAngiangVN_02B 20111006_VisitingDrSuuClinicAngiangVN_01B 20111006_VisitingDrSuuClinicAngiangVN_01A

2010 Planning

Tom approached U.S. based NGOs partnering with Medical Aid for Vietnam and requested prenatal vitamin. We visited Dr. Suu at his Long Xuyen clinic during our October/November 2010 trip to give him update.

In-person Meeting with Dr. Suu at his Office (Nov. 2009)

The Summer 2009 trial was well received by the community in rural Mekong Delta. Thanks to the donors at the Chicagoland Learning Leaders Conference, we were able to purchase 18 bottles of prenatal vitamins. Each bottle is 240 tablets -- enough for 8 months.

Tom visited Dr. Suu in November to give him fifteen of the prenatal vitamin bottles at his Long Xuyen clinic.


Email from Dr. Suus small trial in Mekong Delta, Vietnam (Fall, 2009)

Dear Thanh,

Thanks for your donation of nutrient supplements to the pregnant women which composes of:

  • One box of Womens prenatal + DHA : 2 bottles
  • Prenatal multivitamin / multimineral 100 tablets : 6 bottles
  • Prenatal multivitamin / multimineral 240 tablets : 7 bottles
Im distributing free these bottles as you indicated and completing the form you gave me.

About the form, not being able to contact with you, Im sorry to have permitted myself to change some details as I attach it here in another file.

As for the supplemented nutrients, Id like to tell you that the Vietnamese pregnant women, especially the women in Mekong delta region, in reality, are usually lack of two important elements: Iodine and Folic acid. So the government has promulgated since many years the program of Iodine supplement and the program of Folic acid supplement to all the pregnant women nationwide which currently have beneficial effects on the newborns.

But after many years working in the obstetric field, I myself noticed another problem that is the problem of Preeclampsia and Eclampsia in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Researchers have mentioned many causes of this disease including one very important, that is the lack of Magnesium in the blood of pregnant women. Meanwhile on the label of the bottles, I see many kinds of nutrient necessary for pregnant women, from vitamins to mineral ions, which supply enough nutrients with percentage daily value 100% in each tablet; I see no Mg++ at all.

I think you would pay attention to the Mg++ the next time (if possible).

I really appreciate your humanitarian action in donating the medicaments to the pregnant women in need.

Im looking forward to seeing you the next time.

Sincerely yours,



Click here to read a two-page summary of who received our donated vitamins.